Welcome to the Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club.

The Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club was founded in 1935, making us the oldest field trial club in the country. For several decades, the club exclusively trained for and participated in field trial events, but with the advent and popularity of hunt tests, the LIRFTC held their first AKC hunt test in the early 1990’s. In the spring of 2009, the club diversified even further and added HRC hunt tests to the calendar giving everyone with an interest in competing their retriever an event to participate. 

Today, the club’s mission is to bring together a group of like-minded individuals with a mutual interest in training their retrievers to be the best they can be. The club offers training weekends once a month from spring through fall, and several AKC field trial and AKC and HRC hunt test events throughout the year. The success of the LIRFTC is achieved by the hardwork and dedication of its members and supporters throughout the region that allow the club to function. For information regarding events or membership, please see the links below. Continued membership and support are always needed to further the mission of the Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club.

Events Calendar

Membership Information

Club Officers

Paul Scheno

Paul Scheno

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Joseph Cosgrove

Vice President

Mariella Ostroski

Fred Hallet

Fred Hallet


Board of Directors

Mike Bunting

Mike Bunting

Joe Carpenter

Joe Carpenter

Susan Carpenter

Susan Carpenter


Dave Krackow

Carlee Ogeka

Carlee Ogeka

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Alex Kossowsky

Michele McGroarty 2

Michele McGroarty


Marty McBride

Event Chairperson

AKC Field Trial Chair

Brian Stewart - chair

AKC Hunt Test Chairs

Brian Stewart - Co chair

Carlee Ogeka - Co Chair


HRC Hunt Test Chairs

Paul Scheno- Chair